Just Believe


I am a survivor of child abuse and domestic violence. For almost 30 years, I suffered at the hands of my abusers. Through domestic violence counseling, I came to realize that the abuse I suffered was not my fault. I also discovered new strength, hope, and a reason to live and press forward with my life. Because of that, I've been able to enjoy other things like: singing, art, photography, and dancing.

The last 14 years have been spent dedicating my time and effort to local and national domestic violence/abuse agencies by sharing my survival story via press conferences and speeches at corporate offices, colleges, children's homes and conferences.  I've also participated in interviews for radio stations, local/national newspapers, and national human resource magazines to help promote how important awareness is.

Although I still suffer every day physically from the things done to me, also every day I rise up with a new determination and hope to keep pressing on...to KEEP DREAMING! Because I DESERVE IT and SO DO YOU!

My goal/hope for this site is to not only share with you the story of my life slowly overcoming such tragedy and horror, but also providing a place for discussion of such topics, as well as education for those who might not be aware just how prevalent child abuse/domestic violence is. In that, may others find freedom too.

Most of all, how important it is to let go, forgive your abuser(s) and move forward in freedom and hope. I CHOOSE to be an overcomer and I AM through Christ.

UPDATE: Since those years of abuse growing up, my father and I have reconciled. I have chosen to forgive and continue to be amazed at what God's doing in my life.  My father re-dedicated his life to God one month prior to his passing on October 2, 2011, from a horrific battle of cancer.  See you in heaven, daddy!